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Yitaeyang alleged match-fixing allegations as 20 million won walks statement wooram

Baseball pitcher yitaeyang the NC Dinos is a known fact that the prosecutors who investigate match-fixing allegations
Yitaeyang is a method of receiving 20 million won from a broker, the inner one walks in a particular game was reportedly involved in match-fixing.
6 yitaeyang has said he became known fact that the match-fixing May 27, is watching the one investigators trend in cancellation would put KBO from July 1, the group entry.



Changwon District Prosecutors' Office has said I'd had secured a statement to redeem brokers 2 people ask for match-fixing to yitaeyang broker A has been redeemed earlier this month, Mr. Broker B is operating an illegal gambling site is restricted six months ago month 21 years in prison take the sentence being served.

Yitaeyang is said to be released on the 21st investigations had come to several investigations at the Changwon District Prosecutors' Office in July.
NC 20 days keenly realized the nine side "yitaeyang are under investigation by the National Sports Promotion Act violation," he said "player management responsibility and apologize Taps. I will request the termination of the authorization to disqualification disposal yitaeyang a KBO called "announced Apology.
Also yicheop that the military prosecution because the door wooram match fixing, too alryeojyeotneun I have received an investigation on suspicion of receiving money and goods in exchange yitaeyang and doors wooram is motivated professionals joined a statement wooram current military status to join the Executive in December last year,.

If the match-fixing allegations in yitaeyang turns out to be true yitaeyang is not possible to baseball-related activities in Korea, the United States also signed an agreement, Japan, Because you can play in Taiwan it can no longer be a better baseball should be also punished for the law.


To the last one in 2012 and the LG Twins pitcher Park Hyeonjun gimseonghyeon identified as involved in the game Operation court may bar respectively sentenced to seven million won enforcement of hazardous surcharges two years in jail in June and ordered 120 hours of community service.
NC Dinos trying to expand the lead of the race and the second half of this Doosan base yitaeyang case seems to be a large negative topped with cold water in a team atmosphere.

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