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Radio Star Gyan hits 84 entertainer starring reasons?

The tide is coming on the 20th Webtoon artist Gian 84 Lightning appeared on the Radio Star.
Gyan scored 84 neundeyo great popularity in the state is not pure appearance on MBC live nahonja and embellishment
84 Gyan is that recently received considerable attention in the entertainment program, and in particular made me laugh all day broadcast a wall are being honest.




While drafting the radio star 84 "Today cartoonists get himself disappeared," said "the number rises every query comes up in the air" was the honest reason notgido off an an appearance on entertainment.
In live view nahonja look eye to keep the wrong place on the air haneungunyo was it that the face-stretching cheoda the air while talking in the radio star I'm talking The MC will "where reports?"Let's ask drafted 84" was also said to be making everyone laugh nokhwajang is amazing. ".



In addition, draft 84 I'd say to a Real Madrid representative concerned about what the Real Madrid serialized delayed declared that "nagagetda not a public relations can come from Ras", but came a liaison phone one evening Radio Star Declaration The draft 84 is called "Let's stop here." He confessed, saying that it appeared on the radio star. haha




84 Gyan puts it confessed that haetneundeyo talk about Real Madrid closed and perception drafted 84 saying achieved a record malicious comments received 200,000 million weekly violate the deadline malicious comments followed was a perception throughout high school three years.
In addition, it will be released a day late a story that came back from a vacation army.
Holiday came late because ... The incredible ㅋㅋㅋ




The art instructor who has drafted 84 gave to draw a portrait of Kim Gura direct recording of the radio star Jeong Jinwoon saw the picture of John drafted 84 has made everyone laugh Say "voice shown in Figure".

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