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Radio Star Ax

Radio Star Ax property is much friggin?

라디오스타 에 래퍼 도끼 가 출연 해 실험맨 흑역사 공개해 큰 웃음을 주었다.

The ax look at the performing arts program I can not easily see the ax is actually a few that refused to appear on Radio Star.

라디오스타 도끼

라디오스타 도끼


A related keyword search done on the Internet ax deoraguyo out the "Ax Property" The property is in fact an ax'm known geolro huge ax is purely self-made.

Some even talk of whether'll receive your parents inherited a fortune, but the fact that the ax hard and lived as a child.

Ax has decided to live the life of rapper 10-year-old nanny's when the 12-year-old bankruptcy You've run a great restaurant in Busan like to eat with me to the house that started the live music agency in the container box.

라디오스타 도끼



After spend a tough time producing an album of famous rapper and starting to get a bit of imports was when appeared the later solo albums in multiple copies in one year pay day Rhine've founded and Show Me the Money 3 going up the ransom that part now have The.

Despite young age, like ingeo deumjik a true friend. ^^

The ax appeared on the Radio Star was also the footage was a little ax, a ride to the upper body in an experiment in the bathroom I've put off in the past who appeared to 'sponge' silheommaen past 10 years participated in the experiment haemaleun public expression.



Ax, saw the footage is Bo was it the look of frustration said, "Oh my God," followed by the ax "Fans Have a mushrooming at that ... Saying that "black history will reveal that more episodes.

Haetneundeyo also confessed that ax is a collection of luxury imported cars as a reward for his work Jang, Kang Dong also said've just purchased a car that you can buy a three-year wait it out to surprise everyone.

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