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지창욱 선풍소녀2

Ji Chang-wook Manor hand eomchi Chuck! Whirlwind Girl 2

Ji Chang-wook Manor hand Chinese Drama patronize the skirt of solid muscle and actresses from the 'Whirlwind Girl 2 "steel cut is becoming a hot topic.

13Sun Ji Chang-wook, this steel-cut 'Whirlwind Girl 2 "is being shot in China would put the public media is not saying to patronize the sense skirt muscle and actress Ji Chang-wook has not spared praise for changuk.

지창욱 선풍소녀2

지창욱 선풍소녀2

지창욱 선풍소녀2

Ji Chang-wook is also praised as a changuk not come out of the lower leg when taking a key silent fans or staff manners and photos.

Actress who starred with Ji Chang-wook is has not spared praise for changuk not even a consolation when haetneundeyo debut in 2013. Born in 1989 when the well-being.

The consolation City "Ji Chang-wook brother too polite manners filled it carefully," he means ", seeing that my brother is Korean to practice at first knew you take the Korea drama" keep saying "to warm everyone I felt that giving a thumbs raised splashed in South Korea drama protagonist ahninya "he said laughing, we all love.

지창욱 선풍소녀2

지창욱 선풍소녀2

If that appeared during the changuk comfort 'Whirlwind Girl 2 "is a drama of love and of youth men and women to learn martial arts dream, take a big hit with' Whirlwind Girl" became the second season production to replace the men and women protagonists in the 28-part 3 it will take you months in Shanghai and Changsha.

Ji Chang-wook's "sensational starring two girls’ I think it is a good opportunity to promote taekwondo indeyo drama in China produced by a particular motif Taekwondo.


지창욱 중국드라마

Ji Chang-wook's "Whirlwind Girl 2’ In wonmu it has also been in charge neundeyo novel, but in the Taekwondo event of the motif, the name changed to the virtual circle of martial arts in drama directed initiatives Station.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook if you have not started the second Chinese drama works changuk has obtained great popularity in China seems to take place in New Wave actor Song Joong-gi Park Hae-jin successor.

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