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Lee Guk-joo current injury situation?

The origins Lee Guk-joo head injury, no big deal there.
12Lee Guk-joo is one of Comedy Big League had taken the injured tests in the emergency department is giving to regret today that it will receive inspection.


이국주 부상

Article cheering netizens to Lee Guk-joo injury news they are rushing.
Lee Guk-joo will do that in the last 12 days I'd danghaetdago Comedy Big League record of injury to the head being examined in the emergency room to receive a re-inspection today does not seem to be a fear of my own fans and netizens Iman.



Lee Guk-joo day had to proceed to the corner of the audience to participate in this process was the audience dropped to hold Lee Guk-joo Lee Guk-joo The head of the party, hammering the accident happened at.

Agency FNC Entertainment's Lee Guk-joo said, "Lee Guk-joo, but after a wounded head to the emergency room, Did not properly check the progress, "said a" special foreign dizzy, but the waist is going to get uncomfortable again, rigorous testing in the hospital, "he said.



The injury to Lee Guk-joo became known that for the time being unable to digest the schedule I think that whether you caused the problem in the program that starred Lee Guk-joo.

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