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Lee Jeongjae Liam Neeson Incheon landing on July 27 released

Lee Jeongjae said the actor a comment with Liam Neeson and movies Incheon Landing Operation.
13There is one neundeyo press conference of the film 'Incheon Landing Operation held in Yeouido, Seoul Conrad Seoul to attend Lee and there is jeongtaewon with representatives of Lee Jeongjae Liam Neeson and director John H. Lee Taewon Entertainment.

이정재 리암니슨
▲ Lee Jeongjae actor Liam Neeson movie Incheon landing press conference


Liam Neeson did she praised as a true actor Lee Jeongjae "As for the scene with the Lee Jeongjae, It was the first shooting day. 70 yeopyeon work so far seems involved, I can feel when it comes to real actors. Lee Jeongjae think the real actors, "he said.
Followed by "net movie stars and being very beautiful and refined, Intellectuality and "said" the concentration that was part of that, I feel that in a short time was very comfortable as a performer, "he said.



In addition, Lee Jeongjae anatneundeyo also spared praise for Lee Jeongjae Liam Neeson was "very impressive. After the scene was cut from the camera to move, go to the next cut while did not leave in a small chair that I sit smoke, "he said.
Followed by, "he continued walking in the field were I felt the effort to try to avoid undisturbed even more immersive gotta feeling that the MacArthur station a little," he said.


Videos from Incheon Landing Operation "Liam Neeson took on the United Nations UN Supreme Commander Douglas MacArthur Station Lee Jeongjae postponed the station, led by the former head of jangsuhak 'x-ray' North Mole operation.


Videos Incheon landing operation was June 25, 1950 bukhakui surprise invasion in just three days in Seoul this fall, and the international coalition commander in chief in the Republic of Korea deprived North Korea on the Korean peninsula whole area except for the Nakdong River area in a month is 'Douglas' in opposition of both will be released on July 27 comes to historical facts unfold Incheon landing operation green Videos.

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