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Saad ruled the South China Sea, China, North Korea and hand placement to ppulnan japna?

But he had said to make matters deopchin current stance of the Chinese Maybe.
International arbitration court has issued rulings that does not listen to China's hand in a judgment of the South China Sea, the South China Sea claimed by China's defeat. In addition, China suffers from headaches to Saad placement of stance Korea is expected to strengthen the relationship with North Korea.




He said "It is a political comedy The legal issues from start to finish" China King Chinese Foreign Minister Zhang ruling on the South China Sea, "the essence has to be necessarily found. It said it would not accept the compromise will comply with the international rule of law and local regulations based on the law. ". In addition, the ruling Chinese government is to increase the level of criticism with the incensed reaction while pointing to the United States in fact actors.




Due to this series of events led the deteriorating relations between the US and China will affect the air conditioning system for resolving the nuclear issue between the United States and China announced that Northeast Asia expert Gordon window Lawyers of America.
Window lawyer “South China Sea issue than Korea placement of US Sadd • The ripple on the North Korea policy of cooperation with China will be larger”He said, “Since China is still watching North Korea as a strategic asset to stem the influence of the United States is likely to strengthen further relations with the North and the South China Sea issue as a pretext estranged for Saad”He added.


The actual last eight days after Saad placement decisions announced in the next nine days, North Korea has test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile SLBM. Since the United States and Japan, but released a statement immediately condemned China and Russia have also pointed out that whether it is a reality that sanctions from the air conditioning division has already kept silent.

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