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Gyeongbuk Seongju Seongsanri, Saad placed regional Conclusion

And that Gyeongbuk Seongju Seongsanri, is placed ahead of the final decision by Saad area.
Korea-US military authorities said the joint working group is expected to announce the best strains to see the implementation of the report contain the information on the site to assess the two groups as soon as you've completed the top leadership and administrative procedures Saad next batch region.


Gyeongbuk Seongju Seongsanri, is not a final decision by Saad placement area is a result of the seongju-eup Seongsanri, one of the most highly valued military effectiveness, It says because we determined that because this is not the housing area ever likely to encounter problems of residents, such as safety and environmental pollution.

There are known areas where the current seongsanpo for this area, there are more than 170 troops are deployed and the Hawk anti-aircraft guided weapons which are known to migrate to other areas in tow.
Saad radar has been seongsanpo stands 400m above sea level, where notices placed seongju-eup, and is 1.5km away and there one nearby in Seongsanri 1000 388 furniture, 21800 people are living.


Meanwhile, if the radar is placed on the facade seongju-eup in Seongsanri nearby seongju county Office and the strong opposition of nearby residents is estimated to be 3.5km away.

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