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Each solo Gender Wars Kim Gura 50 people Large Meeting Survival

Kim Gura say would give the show a new look with a solo solo Wars Wars is Kim Gura has become a hot topic.
12One was a solo Wars press conference held at the Sangam JTBC building. This is where Kim Gura is haetneundeyo said, "I think the thing dereliction of duty to the people a reason to even talk assumptions arts in broadcasting stories that came out naturally assumptions do not talk like that.".

Every person I'd think you remember the pain is in the mind of most people are not put off put down deep in my heart.
But Kim Gura is the most difficult decision to live the life of a divorce and whether or where there are no cameras, but not to the average person makes it difficult to entertain others also tired mind in broadcasting considered an impossible one.
It should entertain others indeyo because you are using so much energy as you eat while watching the look snatching a handful of nutrients from long ago, the broadcast was a "really great guy who yiguna" I think that.

Kim Gura haetneundeyo are also described his role in the wars Solo Kim Gura said, "I think my role is also to play a role in the program," he said "In fact the director is trying to write to the same borrower receives the image not a good evaluation. To discover my different look inside to draw the figure has said he would like to get the program and I also synergistic ".

Meanwhile, Kim Gura Wars solo male solo total of 100 male and female youth girls 50 people and 50 people have noticed, Fight brain, Are waiting, Mildang, Elimination of all obstacles including through the final couple: 15 PM 11 comes to meeting that challenge the survival program is broadcast first prize acquisition.

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