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Kush Vivian devotees bitsak picture right yogeo

Admitted to Kush and Vivian devotees. Women in the last 11 days before Kush Kush Vivian devotees recognize their Instagram(Westwood) And it raised a black-and-white picture of kissing bitsak(Deleting the speed of light)Photos, the photo not this iteotneundeyo Vivian has officially recognized a short time later Kush and Vivian devotees claim that yielded.




Agency of Kush and Vivian are two people that I'd like to know he spent four or five months before the first meeting to start the devotees from the recent meeting of friends.
And it began to comb the devotees and Vivian thing now little more than one month.
Saw a black and white photograph of two men kissing 11-year-old is nayicha I think should not have any problem seureopgo so loved View mesmerizing idea of ​​a good couple.



Vivian is a favorite of this year's 23-year-old Cha Hyeon-jeong. There is an activity model is more famous cousin, friend and brother, the girl's glass than my age.
Vivian May is known as a talented graduated from Berkeley College of Music film music this year was also the last year of the 18th sessi model while he ranked first in the contest haetneundeyo debut as a model with a cousin and also a photo shoot with a glass screen topic.



Kush is the current year's debut as Corny Skunk 2003 I'm working as a producer at Mnet Show Me the Money Season 5 new songs with the Giants recently 'Boom', It has also announced the 'Gun of Mercy'.
The Kush and Vivian have also posted pictures wearing the same place to go after a couple items often iteotneundeyo already openly devotees through Instagram Although two people together to raise a photo.

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