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Saad, who bear a placement decision controversial firestorm?

Among the decisions that Sadd deployment of US forces is expected the controversial China-related shares were the cues on and off while the Korea Economic plunge. – US forces deployed Saad controversial decision

8Wednesday morning the two countries at the Pentagon announcing that the final decision of Saad placement decisions on the peninsula, as well as political parties emerged as Saad placed yuryeokji Kyungpook seven and China, This powerful rebellion is expected in Russia.
The Department of Defense has been noted 8 AM Saad placement previously announced in the last 7 pm China and Russia, announces that the notification requirements in the neighboring countries who strongly opposed the deployment Saad for China and the future pace of Russia.

The facade layout decision and it's forecasted a big hit in Korea and China's diplomatic and economic physical layout Saad announced after the stock market and the Chinese consumer-related shares have plunged.

In particular refinery is highly dependent on China,, oil, In the case of cosmetics tension seems to have more higher domestic refineries are 15 percent was exported to China Petrochemical, China's exports in the last decade of last year, the total export volume has reached the full 45%.


In the case of cosmetics exports last year was 2.43936 billion US dollars of exports, 40.7% of 992.87 million US dollars in China is expected to hit the road in the travel industry also direct hit Korean star.
China has also arranged after the Saad pointed out that mention multiple conflicts surrounding peninsula arranged such haetneundeyo strengthen my cosmetics regulations in China naesewot the pretext of protection for the domestic industry In one corner, but Saad.

Not only this, but only the future can tell that China will bring some action is likely to have a significant impact on Korea's economy clearly.

Soknae hidden in the facade of the US deployment

There is an important role to configure a layout Saad This is what X-band radar(AN/TPY-2) to be.
Saad radar X-band radar has two modes: a batch mode, end mode and move forward if there is the end of the monitoring mode and the range is 600km North Korea as well as in the case of forward deployment mode, the monitoring range of 1,800km Beijing, China, Monitoring It is possible to Vladivostok, Russia.
In addition, the information collected in real time radar Guam, Hawaii, US forces in the United States this week, of course, is shared by the US to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

The reason for that is just China and Russia strongly oppose Saad placed here.
But the Pentagon has said there can change the setting to a higher setting once the "End mode '.
The following are vendor X Radar (AN/TPY-2) The manufacturer of the articles of rayon yarn Homepage.
The AN/TPY-2 radar has two modes. In forward-based mode, the AN/TPY-2 cues the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), by detecting, discriminating and tracking enemy ballistic missiles in the ascent phase of flight. In terminal mode, it serves as the fire control radar for the THAAD system.
Consequently, when the facade is placed on the end of the peninsula radar mode of AN / TPY-2 is coming along. Of course, if only the heart is a rare thing, but it also can be set to forward deployment mode. Information while reviewing the ROK do to end this mode was caught stranded in the end mode, do the radar Sadd be placed in a forward-deployed US forces modes horse thoroughly wrong.
-Source http SBS News://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1003390962


There is no effective deployment Saad Korea.

Congress Bureau ballistic missile defense in the past, the Asia-Pacific region in 2013 : The report found that collaboration and opposition. ".

According to the report, "South Korea will not be significant because the effectiveness of Saad flew too close to the low orbit missile North Korea will arrive in a few minutes," it reveals that.

The actual 2013 DAPA was punished due diligence on local Sadd in the United States, if you want to place the facade in Daegu Busan Scud-B, For C missiles and short-range missiles that labor missile defenses are adequate for the results that came out did not present any threat to the metropolitan area in the United States simulation side.
This is evidence that the US side is also not suitable Saad placed on the peninsula Defense.


Seven Saad placed yuryeokji

Risk radius of Saad X radar vendors are known to 5.5km. 5.5km within blocks of aircraft out, 3.6There is a km is divided into fully controlled area within 100m people could access blocked where a person does not live in a 3.6km radius of the actual Republic?



Kim Gwanyong North Gyeongsang Province, through a press conference, "express the steady gotta come Saad seven layout settings once a very serious concern again raised during" and "if fair and without a transparent process determines the site to unilaterally place the facade of Daegu citizens Kyungpook said residents would not go unanswered. ".

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