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Taiwan's train explosion

Taiwan's train explosion left 40 men on this stuff

We were 24 people were injured Taiwan commuter train explosion last 7 days. 폭발 차량내부에서 화약가루 발견 되어 경찰은 테러 일 가능성을 두고 수사 중이다.

The past seven days was an explosion at the No. 6 car in Taipei to support runghaeng train was entering the Local Time 9:00 PM 52 minutes Taipei Songshan yama.



That the train was supposed to explode 25 passengers were injured and two of the 25 patients receiving treatment are taken to a nearby hospital and is called Life in the state does not interfere.

According to the police that I'd been a white powder explosives found found in the 15 ~ 20cm firecrackers exploding debris from inside the vehicle The police have in mind the possibility that this train explosion in Taiwan was reported that fighting terrorism investigation.


According to Taiwan media reported that there were 40 men immediately after the explosion Dropped in with a former black long-shaped objects off the train.

한편 첸 쿠오 엔 경찰청 사무총장은 열차 폭발이 폭죽으로 인한 폭발로 의심된다고 밝혔습니다.

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