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Ha Bae Doona tunnel so funny people saw attachments

Said Bae Doona to film the tunnel is the first time I saw someone leave the Ha so funny.
7Wednesday morning there was a tunnel film production press conference at CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This place has character tunnel Bae Doona, Including Ha Oh Dal-su, The director took place with Kim Seonghun.



Bae Doona has haetneundeyo say "present itself is shocking," Ha for the ear, "This is really the first time I saw a funny guy. When a concept meeting, Hadeora as "stoked and I hope this sehyeon dwaeseo head depressed" Say "makes self a laugh.
Sehyeon indeyo is the name of Mrs. Ha Bae Doona charge of the station tunnel in the movie in a movie Ha Bae Doona is an integer Station has served three active.



Following Bae Doona said, "What is two minutes? Quirky and funny as he felt the culture shock, "he said," inde one that was originally funnier others require very hard work and energy that gun haneunge, I thought it was a great person, "said the haetneundeyo praise Ha Bae Doona" The two countries that he said, smiling good, There is nothing between the two countries, Mr. humor raised me as "demonstrating a look that compliments each other.



Aug. film about the unfolding story while delivering a message of hope to her husband Ha through movies tunnel my way home, trying to rescue the holes trapped Ha and Ha in suddenly collapsed tunnel rescue and Ha wife Bae Doona the radio ahead of the opening comes to be.


The Ha is to expect while neundeyo going to find, unlike the movie Tunnel Desk movie "The Terror Live" was conducted only for this new environment, he said that the progress the movie comes out a lot of movies about the new movie 'tunnel' scores this summer while it seems difficult to say emphatically that commitment does not hang gave a laugh.

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