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Kang Jeongho survey of MLB

Premature judgments, Kang Jeongho survey taker of the MLB

Major League of MLB Kang Jeongho Kang Jeongho police did listen to all news. In baseball, the only good news in this sport that I truly pity the degrading Good for twelve blossomed MLB Major League'm Kang Jeongho was a police investigation of the idea that the domestic media articles are so pathetic as ground heard.

MLB 강정호 조사 중

MLB 강정호 조사 중
This morning naohmyeonseo reportedly called Kang Jeongho rape domestic media have'm out ssotah a few minutes, Kang Jeongho articles between any press article also advocates of Kang Jeongho seems not.

MLB 강정호 조사 중

MLB 강정호 조사 중
Of course, it does not mean you to defend a man sexually assaulted. Yet, until Kang Jeongho out where the outcome forever because the state is the outcome did not come out is because Kang Jeongho is innocent.

MLB 강정호 조사 중
But look at the real-time Kang Jeongho article "Kang Jeongho inevitably suspended.", "Kang Jeongho non-disciplinary", "Kang Jeongho rape" and so there is a very provocative article flooded. It seems like a good equal representation water fish meet…

In just the SNS "to watch", "Let's wait for the results" are showing reactions such as.

MLB 강정호 조사 중
I think that we should do that before until all the results of the investigation to come out cheer Kang Jeongho?
Kang Jeongho's accusations think it will not be too late then.

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