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Kang Jeongho-rape

Kang Jeongho rape 'Bumble’ With meet through..

It came the news that Kang Jeongho is being investigated by the US authorities to police rape.
Chicago Chicago Tribune has reported that the six days, "the Chicago Police Department is investigating an infielder Kang Jeongho in Pittsburgh going to the Ritz-rape".

Kang Jeongho Referring to rape a woman known vertical press 23 on the 18th and Kang Jeongho 'Bumble' after the away game against the Chicago Cubs(Smartphone application) I met with the unconscious after drinking alcohol in the hostel where Kang Jeongho reportedly claimed danghaetdago rape.


Kang Jeongho suffered a sexual assault is women's event occurs two days after the rape evidence in late June after receiving the inspection light is said that a formal report to the police..
The Pittsburgh crank Koo Kang Jeongho, president Nellie belongs seemed a cautious, saying, "deulinda seriously to this crisis," said, "one would not comment on the case until after the investigation.".

If rape cases in Kang Jeongho Kang Jeongho is the turn out to be true it looks to be able to get a great disciplinary August last year, "MLB Integrated Domestic Violence, Is a Major League action, because red light is on strengthening the regulation of sexual violence and child abuse. ".


Actual Jose Reyes received on suspicion of assaulting his wife had the regular season 52 games suspended pitcher Arol Edith Chapman Given that received a 30-game suspension as a girlfriend assault Kang Jeongho receiving sexual assault charges have greater discipline It seems.



Meanwhile, Kang Jeongho is a Major League preach their daily via Instagram after haeteotneundeyo communicate with baseball fans after the incident Kang Jeongho Instagram has been closed.


Bumble used by Kang Jeongho is applying some apps?

Bumble is linked to Facebook in December 2014 the date the application launches in the United States to create a user profile, a format that provides a profile based on the relative position, etc..

Bumble is the only possible dialogue should be men and women make the cake example neksyeon mind to see the person's profile and start the first women members talk.

In addition, the connection Female started a conversation disappears within 24 hours.

Conventional dating app is the first man I'd like to have a conversation tokteuk structure possible case of bumble women must first start a conversation.

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