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Saad has put seven new airport layout soul flies foraging

Korea-US joint working group is one of the seven Saad Kyungpook USFK(High-altitude missile defense system) As the best place for the placement was concluded the press release.

In response, Tsinghua neundeyo ahkkyeot words said, "This will be discussed in the Pentagon." According to the report, seven placed on Gyeongbuk seven Saad This is why the residents Low form is the best place, Environmental Impact, Said the result of the judgment that will minimize adverse effects, including the cost base composition.

사드 칠곡 배치

Kyungpook Chilgok County and "has spread a rumor that Chilgok County and reviewed by Saad placed candidate counties are dongyong" Chilgok County wihoe is haetneundeyo a statement that opposition to the 5th Saad seven placed while "strongly oppose Saad arranged with counties" said the.


Following opposed "powerful electromagnetic waves generated from the radar Saad danger radius of 130 degrees when placed in Chilgok County of medium-sized cities and densely populated areas reached up to 5.5km range gives great damage to the county housing and safety," said Saad placed seven.


The "Chilgok County is providing 100 million since 1960 to spur the US military base had a lot of constraints on regional development. 2011Agent Orange, the US bases in the landfill residents suffered such allegations under the health check, "he said.


Saad seven high-altitude missile defense system deployment time, as well as seven Low form there is actually expected in Daegu Daegu seven US bases and densely populated areas of Metro Line 3, Station Dongcheon, Seven Unam Station, Guamyeok, Such as global state is a strong rebound is expected in Daegu, as well as seven linear distance within 15km.


Pentagon spokesman munsanggyun five days, "Saad deployment time through the briefing and layout area is not a decision Bar, Said it until you officially described as the government urges restraint give the press ".



Meanwhile, last June 3 Japanese private terrestrial broadcaster TBS reported professional affiliates JNN is said quoting US military officials "had reached an agreement to install Saad in the southern province of Daegu in South Korea in 2017".

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