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Han Sanggyun sentenced to five years in prison, Landscaping is'll stay for the ordinary mother -

Han Sanggyun the last four days of the Seoul Central District Court on charges led to protests in a number of meetings, including the KCTU Chairman in November last year, the people chonggwolgi 'rally was sentenced to five years and fined 500,000 won to Han Sanggyun chairman in the first instance.
The court stressed that violent protests are absolutely unacceptable, but KCTU has criticized the justice jyeotdago down.

Last year, the People's neundeyo chonggwolgi rally held in the city throughout Han Sanggyun KCTU chairman batdeon led protests alleged illegal at the time, has to flee to Jogye Temple it was awesome arrested.



Prosecutors have 70 police officers hurt people in the process and demonstrated the neomgyeotgo Han Sanggyun KCTU chairman for allegedly damaged a police bus 43 on trial this court has fined 500,000 won sentenced to five years in prison Han Sanggyun Chairman.

Han Sanggyun receipt sentenced to a verdict like this is gonna KCTU KCTU chairman condemned the ruling and details set out
KCTU held a press conference at the Seoul District Court for the past four days, "should condemn North Oyster police ruled sentenced to medium power," he said "Today's ruling is looked up to democratic government and human rights, It will be recorded as ruling trampled labor. Republic of Korea that the judiciary is also devoted to the regime was strongly criticized as maids count professed himself ".

Interviews of mothers of January hangyun Chairman of the ruling of the news Han Sanggyun Chairman attracting attention again.

My mother is chairperson of Han Sanggyun together. "Our son who suffer Thank you and thank you again for letting a little further out more, please strive apdanggyeoseo any day. Was anyone killed, I would steal, To think that landscaping is'll stay for the people. That's because your sins may be called sin. I want to tell haejumyeon get a sense of guilt you think, "I give your sadness.

The KCTU September 7 general strike struggle chongryeok May 20, comes to the five required won 10,000 won, including minimum wage, May 2nd general strike, 11It heralds a chonggwolgi rally in April 200,000 People.

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