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Ha Seok-jin Yun Sohui dizzying kiss scene Iron Lady

Ha Seok-jin Yun Sohui dizzying kiss scene
7May 2 First broadcast "after the play was over, prior to the first web TV tvN drama" Iron Lady’ It was released through Naver TV broadcast at 1:00 AM 11th.
I play the back end indeyo new arts program that combines drama and reality is reality actor signed to open by Ron Saskatchewan drama "Iron Lady" are packed for going to draw subtle feelings between the camera behind is left to look like.



1Yun Sohui first one broadcast in the 'Iron Lady' was introduced neundeyo God Ha Seok-jin and dazzling Kiss. Yun Sohui was during the day appeared to 'Ali and' as an ordinary worker, but by night a secret double life as a martial arts athletes in the club on a dark makeup under the name of 'Iron Lady'.


윤소희 하석진 키스신

윤소희 하석진 키스

Yun Sohui is the first broadcast've been in love with Ha Seok-jin Yun Sohui general manager of the company I was gonna hang out with God demonstrated Ha Seok-jin and Yun Sohui advanced dizzying kiss moments in the company and I kiss Ha Seok-jin Yun Sohui Yun Sohui of the god was imagined.
There was a dinner hosted by the company in this day broadcasting is Director Ha Seok-jin Yun Sohui dream draw you wont regret not participate in the dinner, because martial arts exhibition.


One likes Yun Sohui and stating the name and Boxing Dad jiwojun, Yun Sohui told a joke kick shot in the gym, my brother is a chance to become Boxing's new to the case.
Meanwhile, Yun Sohui is the marketing went, but his own is the fact that the Iron Lady Lee Minhyuk Lee Minhyuk deulkigo to know the secret you've really what happens next piece -

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