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Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon

Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon cleared fined summary indictment

Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon cleared for CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyeon Chung, Yong - Wha charges and is using undisclosed information received undue profits by selling shares had been informally charged with fines.
According to Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon's agency FNC Entertainment's "Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon and our officials had to cooperate actively in the investigation, As a result, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office had a misunderstanding of the fine for no charges for the disposal gotta explain Chung, Yong - Wha Lee Jonghyeon 20 million won informally indicted on charges of disposal of 30 June Chung, Yong - Wha "I said that.



According to the agency side of the situation it was that at the time of the company ahead of the IPO and hayeotdago signed an agreement similar to the shape of Intensely creative company and stock options. The advantage of incentives and the payment of cash by early July 2015 reported that acquired the shares of FNC Entertainment. Also at that time because it was the time of the signing of the agreement on Chung, Yong - Wha Ryu Jaeseok did not progress at all has no idea that for Ryu Jaeseok said he was recruited hangeotyi buying shares of FNC Entertainment.


Chung, Yong - Wha's mother later said it would have reported a holding of shares of a sudden a lot of climbing who manage stock and sell some of the stocks that were.
So haebomyeon cleanup Chung, Yong - Wha is that the situation there was no agreement on charges related to the point where there is Ryu Jaeseok Chung, Yong - Wha bought the company's shares to cash incentives received by the company and stock options Number of shares.


The one that will buy stocks and shares neundeyo suddenly one who is the mother of Chung, Yong - Wha management did the right to recruit Ryu Jaeseok Chung, Yong - Wha so this mother holds a portion of the shares that were sold.
But Lee Jonghyeon is I just got sentenced to 20 million won fines Lee Jonghyeon will last from July 2015 on the 15th morning acquaintances euji accidentally learned to sign the facts of Ryu Jaeseok Since thereto were opened that morning buying FNC Entertainment Co., the agency was Lee Jonghyeon do not know the law better geotinde purchased knowing that one act saying that legal problems later trading the stock it has not sold its shares to date after recognizing the fact that the legal problems since the stock transactions reported to the situation, rather a loss.


Meanwhile, in connection with the incident FNC Entertainment haetneundeyo in that case before that Lee Jonghyeon depth and reflection also silhae the internal control system improvement and periodic training in the wake of this incident again, they would do their best to avoid making waves as the incident I said.

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