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Chung, Yong - Wha Chung, Yong - Wha 200,000,000 shares unfair trading allegations shocked prosecutors summoned

Chung, Yong - Wha 200 million shares trading unfairly accused prosecutors summoned
Prosecutors summoned Chung, Yong - Wha '200 million won for stock price manipulation' impact
The last 28 days, the group CNBLUE members Chung, Yong - Wha The prosecution should have received a summons to investigate alleged price manipulation capital appreciation.

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Chung, Yong - Wha be sold after the July 2015 1 person acquaintances he belongs agency FNC Entertainment shares 21,000 shares after the announcement of the 4 billion exclusive contract A celebrity who bought the original 6 billion won.
At the time the agency shares soared to 27,000 won from 20,800 won per share after the announcement, Mr. A had recruited news Chung, Yong - Wha doing is using undisclosed information has allegedly collect the capital appreciation of a whopping 200 million won.




In response, Chung, Yong - Wha agency is neundeyo said the stance of "I'll tell you more positions as soon as the investigation is terminated" for the prosecution summoned usual Chung, Yong - Wha is more for show remarks seemed not greedy for money, in this case the public and fans shocked in approaching.



In fact, Chung, Yong - Wha looked "not counting the questions about their royalties at the time have appeared in the past tvN 'Taxi'. Look at how awesome it sounds that music for money said to be "truly love the music, rather than money boyigido images.

The neundeyo known celebrity in the stock price manipulation by Ryu Jaeseok Chung, Yong - Wha Chung, Yong - Wha Artists are just prayed to reveal love for Ryu Jaeseok said, "This type jaeseok're too good for the company" in all interviews after the agency contract on the same Ryu Jaeseok.

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