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Cho Huipal event concluded victims strongly resisting

Cho Huipal fraud have been practically finished.

28One prosecutor announced the results for jaesusa Cho Huipal waged a five trillion won for multi-level fraud. 2014Year is July Cho Huipal fact, the case is terminated doengeot fraud investigation in two years after recovering.

Last May the police in 2012, but announced that "had Cho Huipal February 12, 2011 died of acute myocardial infarction" after By the controversy never ending theories witnessed Cho Huipal I happened to a July 2014 Front jaesusa Today prosecutors resulting final investigation. Cho Huipal announced in the announcement but did not provide clear evidence that the death.



With this jaesusa current and former prosecutors, Neundeyo to police officers arrested five people on trial cleared, they are involved in criminal activity or Cho Huipal being accused bangjohan.

After the events of multilevel Cho Huipal first investigation results released at the time of check,I'm never a doubt that Sir Cho Huipal forces tried to asylum as soon as possible to finish the event Cho Huipal death to cover the issues raised jaesusa result was also concluded with the death Cho Huipal.




The Cho Huipal victims' investigation is bullshit "is've been resisting that Cho Huipal victims are saying, and I am confident that live in is still China's 5 trillion similarly received scammers Cho Huipal legal action against the investigation results were as followed to the top Cho Huipal Search job itself also it announced a review jungyirago entry.

Cho Huipal victims' civil solidarity for the right home economics practice 'gimsangjeon representative of the culprit as "prosecution is only one step marks also did things better' 2012 Season 2" from the resulting police investigation in 2012 was stale rhetoric "he said." This is gangtaeyong japhyeotneun nowhere with me these results prosecution pointed out that Shem Thats nothing "for four years.




The "dead naetneunde the conclusion Cho Huipal hair feeling hair anneunya's not bring that Salma sseulsudo alive," said "not at all probable that Cho Huipal death," he said.

Gimdaepyo the prosecution "was close to only now six trillion won will increase gradually Bar silryeon is picked to argue from events early 6 trillion won investigators have called two trillion won in the early" damage amount for together estimated that 5,000,000,000,715 won and "investigations Would not disprove unreliable announced the agency pointed out that ".

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