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Oh Sejong accident

Short Track Oh Sejong accident impacts

Short Track former national Oh Sejong died in a traffic accident
Oh Sejong has 27 days to afternoon crashes and vehicle Majang-dong, Seoul on a motorcycle go illegal U-turn in the road nearby known to have died on the spot shocking.

Oh Sejong the 2003 Asian Winter Games Short Track Men 300m relay gold, World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships men had won the gold medal in the 5000m relay, 2006Years has won the gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympic Games Men's 5000m Relay and declaring retired as.


Retired Oh Sejong is that were en route to gogitjip that I'm here and led his men in all elementary schools in Seoul Oh Sejong is haetneundeyo open the gogitjip the dong as its moahon money while chapter also KU link at the time of the accident after a short track instructor schedule their operations on a motorcycle as it is known to be adding to the sadness.


Mortuary of Oh Sejong is provided at Hanyang University Hospital mortuary would put players age friendly jinaetdeon Lee Gyuhyeok, Such anhyeonsu players have been known to urgently find a mortuary.
The wave of mourning cared about the fans and pop him in the unfortunate news of Oh Sejong also led.

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