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Jang Yoon-ju is three months pregnant mom

Pregnancy Jang Yoon-ju Congratulations ~ 3 Month
The model Jang Yoon-ju said the pregnancy news via his Instagram.
27Jang Yoon-ju deuryeoyo one is sincerely grateful for those "who celebrate. Married to slip over one year
I feel receiving a surprise gift, "he said pregnancy is said likely received a surprise gift.

장윤주 임신


Following "also is afraid that the mother, but yet strange,. The wider and deeper in love with the kids
I wanna learn. Healthy and beautiful mother. I'd. I'm begging prayers and support. I love and blessing, "said the pregnancy news preached.



Haetneundeyo agency S Jang Yoon-ju entertainment team also officially announced the pregnancy news agency, Jang Yoon-ju of Jang Yoon-ju said, "Mr. Jang Yoon-ju poised to welcome the precious new life now three months pregnant in January will drive the coming birth" he has said he is.



Meanwhile, Jang Yoon-ju Instagram There've been two articles of the celebration rush of Jang Yoon-ju is I posted a businessman with a wedding last May 4 years younger at the time of Jang Yoon-ju says, "I liked your kids birth to more than one," said "sons and daughters, nine minutes longer than without I also want to say that the father ".

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