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Lee Juno molesting his wife and children, public sympathy

Lee Juno molestation second discipline!
1990The years leading member Lee Juno star of 'Seo Taiji and Boys "was booked on suspicion of sexual assault to the police.
Lee Juno is business failure, Adjudication of bankruptcy, Following the fraud it is giving hwimalrimyeonseo sadness in molestation case.
Lee Juno molestation case is that under investigation by the police for allegedly harassing a woman forced two people in the last 25 days 3:00 a.m. Itaewon parent club. The victim is there to dance at the club, according to the statements of the victim designer indeyo 29 years old and 29-year-old office worker yangmossi dusk Mr. Lee Juno drunk approached said that 'where watneunya' boyija the unpleasant signs facing a sudden pull back touched the heart, Was close behind the lower body. I'd told you that this naeja club staff were dragging themselves out of such violence has also slap in the face of the club owner.



Lee Juno is haetneundeyo also booked on suspicion of past forced molestation charges in 2002 I have a power received by the police investigation at the time met in Seoul Gangdong-gu Mo nightclub drink to 20 women and drink molested taking his music studio at the time of the victim's agreement the indictment was awarded the deferred disposition to take into account that the.


Lee Juno was also the cause of water a seotaejiwa Adi molestation charges in force disbanded after the birth of the Young Turks Club sikimyeo ryeotneundeyo me the name of a music producer, but had a long blank period to quintuplets business failures in 2002.



Since 2009, while the plan failed, but Lee Juno 'red shoes of Lee Juno "was transformed into a concert organizers filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
Following last year's first birthday getdamyeo create a professional company do not pay ryeotjiman borrowed 165 million won from friends was also accused of fraud charges.

▲ Lee Juno wife and baby

Meanwhile, Lee Juno has got in between the first daughter of Mr. and dusk year 2011 23 years younger in 2013 got married in 2012 to a second son, 2015Years has scored the third child in May. As it is the case tell the public and increasing public sympathy for Lee Juno wife and children.

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