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What is needed now, and his wife actress Kim Seongmin?

To live a life not the only flower road. And days like today it is raining or snowing day the storm blowing. But this day life we ​​live, maybe watching a sunny and clear day after the rain Will not like the weather will continue to do otherwise never Bay.

I'm going live every Anyone who pass a tough hump money, love, family, Bottle number of two euros a moment to feel the weight of life and so is repeated. When people do not know the street names grazed in passing haltendeyo also it seems to think that only hard fact is that everyone is smiling happy reality that I live and that they also retain nammoreul sadness and pain in the chest.

I was exposed to truly sad news this morning.. Indeyo articles that right actor Kim Seongmin suicide attempt was a shock.
Kim Seongmin is at home in the last 24 days had a quarrel with his wife and his wife's house to take her son nagatdago. Since my wife to call the police I found a home in the police I'd had requested that 'they often say that the usual Kim Seongmin is ditching different check into the house "discovered Kim Seongmin Man with neck tie in the bathroom and taken to hospital but called the current coma.

Please first healthy kwaeyu How was why.
I hope this is the last time bosigil think it over for a moment, stop again on our way back. The world has a lot of people who suffer now more difficult than I ahpeumyeo. All these people do not choose an extreme.

Please naesigo hard to think of his son's wife, Kim Seongmin hope you try a lot of talk. There is nothing in the world that does not work,. Discard the idea that "dialogue is not" bosigil please take heart to understand a lot of dialogue with opponents.

The couple also cares think that fight because I love. 두사람의 대화가 힘들다면 전문 상담사의 도움을 받아보시길 바랍니다. Nessie force yo ~

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