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Radio Star yisumin ears Yomi three sets

In the idol called 'second president "of the Republic of Korea is now reborn as a mainstream elementary school do you have a sister nation of the' I do 'radio star had appeared Lightning.
15One radio star has yisumin, Shin Dongwoo, MC draw, Shannon, Dayoung were involved.

Wednesday broadcast recently daesein 10 stars haetneundeyo chongchuldong broadcast before yisumin MC Shin Dongwoo so that in the self-image with the public said to yisumin is going to dance on the air and ask the bonbang shooters are more expected.



The yisumin serves the 'CHEER UP' of agent-wise girl group recently recorded at double speed in the radio star I'd gave a big smile as if was a look that exudes glamor ears Yomi Fairy.



Also yisumin is gonna Shin Dongwoo has set out to cause glow posted on SNS clarification with regard to those engulfed in yeolaeseol directly yisumin is "That he was hyaet think Putting be so even yeokil to individually list the reasons that can not be reborn as an absolute sweetheart she and Shin Dongwoo made me laugh all you high.



Meanwhile yisumin is haetneundeyo surprised all times to disclose a past picture was figurant figurant childhood photos appeared in the drama with just Choi Sujong.
MC said that the pictures are facing, "Who me" Shin Dongwoo gave me a big smile, "I did not know I saw yireonikka".

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