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Rate of less than 8 months and devotees Happy Together surprise announcement Ko Won-hee

The actress Ko Won-hee made a surprise announcement that the rate of more than 8 months devotees.

The past 9 days by Ko Won-hee starred in Happy Together is all neundeyo opened his mouth about the fact that "the public appearance first says," Innovation less rate and devotees Ko Won-hee is said to "have too beautiful a day was 8 months if you associate with less rate." I was surprised. Following Ko Won-hee was talking about "telling the agency directly,. Haetneundeyo say my parents gave me to recommend the first public love the fact that ".




Ko Won-hee thing's a story that you already know that you are a devotee go ahead and below ratio Ko Won-hee told my parents that my parents disclose the fact that a devotee..

Ko Won-hee rate than yeolaeseol is gonna yeoteot yeolaeseol once embroiled in November last year at the time of Ko Won-hee and the rate is less, not between "lover. It said it would dismiss as yeolaeseol jinaetdeon friendly matchumyeo breathing lover in the drama ".



Ko Won-hee and the rate is less known that while "the stars bitnari 'kbs 2tv an OLD February this year, appeared with the evolution of a romantic relationship.

Happy Together Ko Won-hee rate below devotees in fact I'd say the public will not tell the story in an interview with TV appearances before this author Happy Together crew and MC are both surprised Surprise.

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