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Goodbye Single’ This time, Ma Dong-Seok Seo Hyeonjin with three kids

Let's Eat, Also I took the last of the three actors who have received a lot of love and marriage Ma Dong-Seok Seo Hyeonjin in "Goodbye single 'mother' Ordinary 'stations, etc. Oh Haeyoung.

Ma Dong-Seok Seo Hyeonjin is in charge of the stylist stations dedicated to dwitsuseup of 'Goodbye single' top star Kim Hye eseok(Pyeonggu)I'd appeared in his wife's Seo Hyeonjin has also appeared in the character of the tender Ma Dong-Seok Shim chaenggineun only pour it flops frequent and abused to the usual nagging and sometimes warm pyeonggu.




He did not spare the praise, "Ma Dong-Seok's wife again came to the very good acting, too," about Kim Hye Seo Hyeonjin is in charge of "Goodbye single," starring.

If you see the smoke of Seo Hyeonjin is a naturally immersive I do not think that any of the postponement.

In 'addition Oh Haeyoung "in recent years has been in the news Seo Hyeonjin is Seo Hyeonjin scene of the take it out to Eric that it broke the scene and his marriage to miss Erik think because Eric lifting the illusion as if watching a fight of real lovers also.




Seo Hyeonjin was the school days the streets casting actors indeyo 2001, SM Entertainment belong to the group debuted as a member of the Milk.

At the time the group Milk Seo Hyeonjin in the four-member women's group, Kim Bomi, Bakjaeyoung, Baeyumi members was it debuts at the time referred to in Article 2 SES first album, `Come To Me` of, `Crystal`, `Sad Letter` while the heat neundeyo gained great popularity at home and suddenly disbanded after 1 activity was also curious to find self-dissolution in milk.




Milk was a member bakjaeyoung(Park Hee-von)Members come from the United States at the time(Baeyumi) The group haetneundeyo nagatdago that anmatneun, A representative with the story, and you have not consulted with members suddenly stop kept bakjaeyoung, Seo Hyeonjin, Kim Bomi said that unknowingly became heujibuji dismantled when dismantled until after the end of six months, haetneundeyo knew that baeyumi left off.




Then prepared a second album title song of milk "met again with the world" was the debut song of SNSD's agency, such as in 2007 after the dissolution milk.

Meanwhile, Seo Hyeonjin one after the dismantling of the milk transforms into an actor's drama "Hwang Jin Yi", 'hit', 'Feast of the Gods', 'hemp clothes', 'The King's Daughter', "Expression Charles Let 2 ', 'And Oh Haeyoung' Film, While it is appearing like a musical and an active acting career.

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