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Lim Yoon-sun no capacity per saenuri no vision maengbinan

Lim Yoon-sun said the emergency measures committee maengbinan per saenuri party saenuri.
3Sun Lim Yoon-sun Commissioner "Now saenuri party is really very, very unattractive reason," he said.
Lim Yoon-sun Commissioner per saenuri to call themselves "the current Conservatives cling only to its former glory. Really I wondered whether the cry about 20-30 units ears open properly, "he said," no current ability, Future Vision also does not seem. So any nature to be good all the time datunda. Nowhere was useless, "he maengbinan.

임윤선 위원은 변호사 출신으로 ‘노홍철의 소개팅녀’로 방송에 처음 얼굴을 알린 뒤 ‘골드 미스가 간다’, "The Genius:Grand Final ", etc. appeared on TV to know the face ryeotneundeyo saenuri accused party committee Lim Yoon-sun was in the first meeting held during morning bidaewi.



Commissioner Lim Yoon-sun "clothes(Bidaewi won)It has also been worn to say that I did not want this view was enamored per saenuri ".
Lim Yoon-sun Commissioner. "Remuneration I think now is a positive, The future will give up hope, "she said" yes for today, Said it would reward "is that to keep the hope for the future.


Lim Yoon-sun if people do have such remuneration wiwonnim this story hates per saenuri'll be no one.
The Commissioner Lim Yoon-sun "(Saenuri sugar) And just because a personal laziness(Youth) The exterior is not, Neglect their cries and Bob meokeulji what, It is just to spend more time in the name of what comes out in the article or not, Was most curious to people outside, "I mean," Do you know, Have ready a, Then there ready to change, Small authority given to me to ask these three will continue to use as much as possible, "he said.


Do you want to say, no matter how correct, and if possible try to reform the work of one person -
Anyway Lim Yoon-sun will support the reform of the Committee hasigil success.

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