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Match 24-year-old Kim Seung-soo hands better nayicha

Kim Seung-soo ideal hand no matter the age better

Drainage Kim Seungsu is saying that the Lee Sanghyeong age difference is said that any better hands.

1The SBS Power FM broadcast actor Kim Seungsu on 'Choi Hwa-jeong power of Time "has appeared as a guest.




Eotneundeyo a listener will ask Kim Seungwoo that "the end of Haran married around much Hm." The broadcast from Kim Seungsu said, "Yes,. The person you marry saenggimyeon halgeoda, "he said, when it.

The Choi Hwa-jeong is eotneundeyo ask Kim Seungsu said, "Lee Sanghyeong Nha did not say what the group A Pink members hand daeun" And Kim Seungsu said, "it takes the question of deliberately Among the Lee Sanghyeong while deliberately idol was visually to mention wanted to hand a better mind." said the.




Kim Seungsu has had mentioned as Lee Sanghyeong time to have a hand better last year starred in 'Radio Star'.

Following Kim Seungsu was more "I still can not you hear the iron. There is no apparent Lee Sanghyeong, "he said," the women met him before, there is no common. If the age difference is felt attractive haetneundeyo say it does not matter, "Kim Seungsu has become a hot topic in the online this year with a better hand pointing to me as the Lee Sanghyeong nayicha.



Meanwhile, Kim Seungsu was in 1971 and this year, 46-year-old hands are better raw 22-year-old 1994.

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