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Yun Hyeonjun CP Sugarman has memories and empathy Sugarman IOI appearances

26Sangam-dong, Mapo-afternoon held a press conference at Sugarman JTBC building.

Sugarman Yun Hyeonjun CP in this spot Sugarman is haetneundeyo say, not just the music program Sugarman says that empathy is a program that can talk.

In addition, it said that I think adds that drove discrimination jeomyigo these benefits only the top part of the shoe is not competition-oriented program, the marketing went.

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In fact, I felt something that I thought Sugarman is broadcasting a music contest divided the team and talk to each other when you first start watching the broadcast continues Sugarman is not a simple music contest program.

Various generations come together with one of the themes of the music Spreading various stories became sympathetic to think that another program.




In fact, when you come out singing teenager twenties Aww, I do not know now is a program that also thought that the age're told.

In a recent broadcast, you think this shows that evokes nostalgia for the past so many I do not just end with a song that truly makes the program attractive in that song and that it is going to broadcast sympathy with the life of a singer.


▲ Sugarman IOI appearances


슈가맨 IOI

We'll ask a good broadcast.

Aww, and today has produced Sugarman 101 It was born rookie girl group IOI (Iowa kids)Must appear. It goes like the favorite ~

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