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Concert HOT Sechs Kies 10,015 years

It conveyed the news that a group HOT coming concerts will be held in mid-September, the 20th anniversary of debut.

According to the HOT side I'd say you have already completed, the President of the Jamsil Main Stadium today Moon Huijun, Jang Woohyeok, Tony, Bang, Was reportedly being coordinated Lee, Jae - Won five members, including the appearance.

HOT is his debut as "descendants of the warriors' September 1996, HOT is neundeyo found numerous hits

Candy(candy), In the late 1990s, such as the above Arthur Future enjoyed explosive popularity it was dismantled in 2001.



Speaking of HOT Popular two groups of'm indispensable for Sechs Kies yirudeon the time ssangbyeok a level unimaginable for now, this was required was about to happen the fight between fan club members in the school is divided into HOT fans and Sechs Kies fans were ending the sisibibi.



Also in late 1990 born the last 10 HOT and Sechs Kies 1,990 teenagers who do not know the cause as "Let response 1997" Once again, the HOT and Sechs Kies is enjoy popularity.



HOT is the fact that recently met with President Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment are known As the recombination raised the possibility.



The Sechs Kies allows you to enjoy the last April 14 after coming MBC 30 April monolith performances of Sechs Kies from the endless challenges in the last 23 days before the broadcast minutes neundeyo members climbed to the stage through a monolith Infinite Challenge.

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