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Kim Youngjae

Another alleged scam accused Kim Youngjae MEN

MEN former member Kim Youngjae(35)가 사기 혐의로 기소돼 징역 2년에 집행유예3년을 선고 받았었는데요 이번에 또 사기 혐의로 피소됐습니다.
Kim Youngjae is A Friend(49.female)To share information, from the seed to help the singer debuted a high school student son getdamyeo receiving 200 million won did not keep the promise properly neundeyo said jungyirago complaint has been received are investigating



According to Kim Youngjae events reported information about Mr. A met with the introduction of acquaintances Kim Youngjae is to transfer donations, saying to it, each one received a million 2000 million yuan and 42.9 million won Idol vocal training and looks administrative costs have Gangnam prestigious and diploma 6000 and it received an additional 10,000 won.


After training, While uninsured in both appearance and manage heart prestigious news for Mr. haetneundeyo transfer eopja A complaint to the Gangnam Police Station last month Kim Youngjae.
In Kim Youngjae is a prestigious and transfer issues are relevant to their indeyo plans to investigate the facts about Kim Youngjae According to the police, I'm saying that was implemented as promised training and Appearance Management after an investigation of the complainant A, Mr. Kim Youngjae is with Mr. A It is said to be a willingness to attend after the implications revealed by the police.


Meanwhile Kim Youngjae is known and to be among you invest in his club acquaintances from two people in November 2013 because the last pay received 250 million won getdamyeo week high interest investigation, Car loans for five people, including my aunt's, He is accused of receiving chaenggin 800,009,500 million yuan investment in nominal purchase such yacht business was sentenced to two years probation for three years in a recent appeal.

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