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Lee Seungjun marriage

Seung - Joon choejiyun married Miss Korea bride

sk Knights Lee Seungjun swallowing up the 15-year-old former Miss Korea choejiyun weddings.
Neundeyo posted last August 2015 Engagement in the United States to come to the wedding olrindago privately May 28 in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province.


Lee Seungjun is indeyo master of dunks in the big man representing KBL. Once Lee Seungjun was also knocking on the NBA's expansion hamyeoseo joined to replace foreign players in the 2007-08 season, Ulsan Mobis entered into a relationship with KBL.
Since joining the Seoul Samsung Thunders in 2009 and was naturalized in Mixed put the Taeguk mark South Korea national team is also pyeolchyeot plays with brother Lee Dongjun last season SK plays haeteotneundeyo.



Lee Seungjun and hometown(Seattle, USA)Bride choejiyun the same as that boasts a labyrinth starting with extraordinary beauty in the Northwest Conference, Miss Korea.
In the public also it looks like a basketball player groom wedding pictorial Lee Seungjun key looks incredibly large.



And I think the model as a basketball player - Lee Seungjun had taken from the wedding pictorial Macau.
Seung - Joon choejiyun couple met three years ago, the first time I'd like to introduce juniors Lee Seungjun is for the bride'm that introduced the "girlfriend home to Seattle as well through dialogue and notice the good friends are like me," said the bride.

Meanwhile, Lee Seungjun is haetneundeyo did not play in many games as last season's Achilles tendon injury and complications is to get the season FA qualified future moves of Lee Seungjun will be noted.

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