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In Gyo-jin So Yi-hyun daughter Add idiot father

In Gyo-jin and actor So Yi-hyun couple joined The Return of Superman.

22In one KBS The Return of Superman In Gyo-jin So Yi-hyun, saying the couple joined the newly, Today was the first shot went into the broadcasting schedule is announced as tentative.

In Gyo-jin is famous geolro I love to So Yi-hyun and family long ago, the extraordinary 'Radio Star' thinking at the time, and So Yi-hyun birth was also shedding tears.

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In Gyo-jin oneself and others, known as Certified aecheoga appears to be a silly daddy daughter to forget the back of Ki Tae-young in the 'Superman'.

In Gyo-jin So Yi-hyun two people I'd jeonhagon routine often through SNS.




Pregnancy doubles to ppolrok from a photo taken by her exceptional figure of fun, especially In Gyo-jin, etc. In Gyo-jin with an exceptional amount they spend with pictures seems like a silly daddy daughter authentication shots. ^^




In Gyo-jin So Yi-hyun couple's focused breathing she married 10 developed in the last 2014 Lovers Month with through a 'happy ending' 2008 SBS drama 'gay sister' 2012 haetneundeyo birth to a daughter last December's maiden In Gyo-jin This would have confessed to So Yi-hyun So Yi-hyun at the time of this there was a loss of contact with the four months of work.

In Gyo-jin it is a place indeyo story appeared in 'Taxi' last year off the feeling of love and as a drama blossomed and So Yi-hyun to eat alone in a place where alcohol with friends, you can’ He said that the end of eopeotdago contacted four months after its end.

I'd be helpless after jinaedeon In Gyo-jin and as soon as the letter came only four months to let each other have met in gogitjip So Yi-hyun burst out laughing at the time was the story that I think it is true in the age of discretion.


Meanwhile, In Gyo-jin So Yi-hyun joined the couple 'The Return of Superman "is Lee Hwi-jae, Mobile, Lee Beomsu, Ki Tae-young, including a father and a family of five families will be decorated with a program that.

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