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Park Sujin Fish Market neighborhood Aunt Force

Park Sujin Fish Market neighborhood Aunt Force

The emergence of smartphones and SNS 180 was also changed our lives.

Smartphones and SNS appear when you use the walkie-talkie cell phone and pager phone is dwaetjiman exclusively used only to make phone calls receive usage by the public and talk with the stars using a system called his search for everyday in real time comments of the star Tokyo It can share empathy.


There are a number of actors from Star Park Sujin raised his everyday SNS sharing empathy with fans.

Wonak outstanding beauty and a body, and is also a leading actor with more topics to marry Bae Yongjun.



She serves bodeon the unstoppable muk-bang line candid charm muk-bang TV will receive more attention after marriage also try to think over whether the SNS, which gave fans something to sympathize with a big role.



Her Instagram is a photo shoot and share it with the fans and I'm all up in their petty daily schedule

Recently pictorial fashion shoot in Paris and disclose the photographs taken in the French Quarter has become a hot topic.

France when I say that cause indeyo rising city of romance and art The illusion looking like a pictorial of her pictures from a distance jjikin.

박수진 수산시장

In addition, photos uploaded with the "Fish Market ♡" call writing we often'm showing the lady posing looking at the mart or market photos and the folded graft shopping cart wrote on one hand as well as her star friendly saedaek meet in the neighborhood the figure also shows the.


Photos uploaded to the cooked food, such as the usual housewife often appeared I'd have you doing this look that star while to to change the perception that a person living in a different world and our popular one mediator role even going to get close like.

The Park Sujin is coming on the 26th I'm going to broadcast ahead of the appearance of the olive reality program 'disciples Oksu-dong "of the TV cooking legend Sim Youngsun Oksu-dong and novice saedaek Park Sujin Park Sujin with a cooking class beginning saedaek unfolds I will be reborn as a complete Korean artisans?

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