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Hyundai Heavy Industries 3,000 people reduce production and the defense secretary before restructuring

Hyundai Heavy Industries 3,000 people reduce production and the defense secretary before restructuring
Production in Hyundai Heavy Industries, Above the front office decided to restructure the larger wave is expected.
Hyundai Heavy Industries in January 2015 will carry the hope that more than 1,000 white-collar workers gwajanggeup retired this last time I s out of HHI one year the reduction of personnel in the last year, three times the 3000 people.

The recent drought in the moment when the global economic order and the domestic shipbuilding industry, I infiltrant into reality.
Recently the British shipbuilding, Shipping market analysts Clarkson Research backlog of Korea has been counted as the lowest in the aggregate would put 12 years in early April based 2757CGT. 1Quarter before the world the amount of ship orders I'd say 2.32 million CGT had orders for half of the 1.14 million CGT in China, has won a 17 million domestically 1000CGT.

Now the ship is not an exaggeration to say went over to China.
Last year, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the personnel reduction at the time I'd received a position one-gu, Ulsan is a big blow to the local economy restaurant sales fall, Real estate brokerage closed down, etc. If the book contains namyeo neundeyo the voices of real concern keot HHI personnel and 3,000 contractors restructuring to reduce workers a reality and it's forecasted that the local economy received a major blow. But I could not do without such restructuring is a reality of domestic shipbuilding industry.

The HHI restructuring is gonna reportedly opened the 21 days choegilseon Hyundai Group chairman and gwonohgap Planning Section Division's Congress decided to restructure in order to survive in the HHI

If we received from voluntary retirement and lack of personnel applying to personnel that according to the recommendations given by the Division conducted resigned format.
In addition, HHI has eliminated more than 100 departments to the consolidation Organization today announced the withdrawal of the design workforce in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

Meanwhile, it has shown that the restructuring of this Hyundai Heavy Industries have a significant impact on domestic shipbuilders Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries enters the global shipbuilding Big Three restructuring with its parent company, as well as medium-sized shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries, which are, Seongdong Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, In addition to the SPP, including affected and crazy far subcontractor if the domestic economy seems to be immersed in a deeper quagmire.

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