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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 30 years ago as a single document, a bomb

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 30 years ago as a single document, a bomb
The secret documents related to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is mentioned as one of upcoming presidential hopefuls have been released.
Secret documents in the public Ban is a former President Kim Dae-jung information, see the identification of the right in the US exile after being sentenced to death in 1979 after the crisis 12.12.
반기문 비밀문서

The secret documents of Ban ministry 30 years has elapsed diplomatic documents I'm here to disclose annually the past to the 17th secret, titled "Identification Kim Daejung" in 1958 as one of the documents released nearly 1,602 at the time of Ambassador yubyeonghyeon jumi Korea a document that was sent to the foreign ministers yiwongyeong.

The document doeja public attention is focused on the Ban am
If you look at the contents of the document can stand out the purpose of utilizing the sources in the United States understand the sympathy of former President Kim Dae-jung and forward it to the Minister yiwongyeong in Korea.

In the document US academics, The contents of the 130 personnel consisting of legal persons' Kim Daejung ensuring safe return movement "will send a letter asking for information, ensure the safe return of former President Kim Dae-jung to President Jeon Duhwan is embedded.
Here is the part that we have to note is that this article indeyo terms of the number of the person who provided the information to be directly Ban manufactured strictly monitor the visibility was former President Kim Dae-jung of the number one action one monguor people in the eye at the time of Jeon Duhwan regime. 1985Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who was one year training at Harvard University as a councilor at the time the information is one of the 'Kim Daejung return guarantees safe movement' will send a letter to Ambassador yubyeonghyeon after confirming from university professors delivered them.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and President Kim Dae-jung as we know it is coming up with more impact this time published secret documents because they know through vague.
Since 2000 Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General and former President Kim Dae-jung has several times had like-minded former President Kim Dae-jung is in August 9, 2009, before the 10th death and all that Ban can do for kwaeyu of former President Kim Dae-jung haetneundeyo also want to talk August 12, Ban was also to find a hospital that the former President Kim Dae-jung hospital with his wife.

In 18 days the death of former President Kim Dae-jung was found to haetneundeyo also lamented that "does not hide the grief length" mortuary Ban "The dead body is usually devotes all efforts for national peace and national unity”Said “Kim's lifelong development of democracy and peace, Has been committed to human rights in the world, "saying that it.


Meanwhile, I'm this as a secret document of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released a national poll for the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was favorable for a presidential candidate around the Internet go cold and cold

18Former Environment Minister Yun Yeojun one former statehouse ready Chairman of sugar people are the President of state administration, as now, "UN Secretary-General received the Park Geunhye of President halo about what is likely to serve as the next presidential candidate with a passport candidacy is steadily raised." If you do insist, perhaps no one made a difficult moment would be that the president let maven President of aggressive sponsored "direct hit.

The "Park Geun-hye President should not be considered to be involved in the process of becoming the next presidential election. He said the vain dream "is.

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