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20National Assembly resolutions textbooks disposal prelude to promoting war

20National Assembly resolutions textbooks disposal prelude to promoting war

More democratic, The resolution said that promoting national textbooks per disposal of the national.

In addition to that party of the Democratic Party and the people we are planning to launch 20 0 shares with the National Assembly to prevent the conversion of national textbooks, history and the Union is currently promoting government.

Former co-chair Lee Sangdon predecessor party of the people has said that the last 16 days "will promote a resolution calling for the abolition of history textbooks in 20 Assembly with more democratic.". In addition, with the Democrats also indeyo position hagetdaneun cooperate with the party of the people to pass laws on the books per foot parliamentary resolutions and the abolition of national textbooks


In this 20 election problems have failed to secure a majority of seats per saenuri are not the only national textbooks Peggy resolution.

Meanwhile, no force pushed the number of seats the ruling party did not even write indeyo doengeot allow the opposition finally able to voice a correctly.


First, each of the nation's "national history textbooks, Pagyeonbeop of labor law amendments, To more solidarity and democracy in the 20s, while in the meantime been as Parliament dangron for endotoxin, etc. Terrorism Act provisions disposal, He said that the amendment procedure would bam ".



But even if the sum of the two opposition forces is not easy because Parliament has amended the law Advancement. 4.13 saenuri party in the last general elections are more democratic are 123 seats to 122 seats, Party of National gained 38 seats. The sum of per definition and the opposition tendencies independent opposition entire seat is if the opposition voting results quorum of party 150 seats just beyond seotji saenuri with 171 seats I do not have to assume the bill if you want to do this assumed straight than 5 minutes needed to Congress Advancement Act 3 seats, even if the sum of all the opposition seats because it requires three-fifths, the cap grows.


The Opposition party will submit the bill did not push far past eight years saenuri seems to stop them advancing to the National Assembly Act.


So give the opposition and ruling out another one I'd go to such a structure would receive one seems to have the opposition and the ruling party can serve as another bargaining chip in dealings with other legislation in order to pass their desired legislation.

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