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Heo Yeong-ran married

Her married Heo Yeong-ran downwind Obstetrics Nurse

Heo Yeong-ran married bet of the same age and married actor

This actress Heo Yeong-ran that the May 1st marriage.

The prospective bride of Heo Yeong-ran is the same age as I'd like actor cum director Heo Yeong-ran through the theater and I met the first time that developed into lovers.



Heo Yeong-ran news reports looking at the marriage of the prospective bride Heo Yeong-ran is told that the people that support the caring and well chaenggyeojugo mukmuk like him like a friend.

My husband called the same age as my dad, but like a mind boneyo neoleunga Pacific..




Weddings that I'd continue on May 1 that comes to the marriage of Heo Yeong-ran is held in the beautiful outdoor garden in Seongbuk - dong operated without acquaintances weekly.

I'd say proceed with the wedding invite only family and close friends recently married Heo Yeong-ran daesein small boneyo of the wedding.

허영란 결혼

허영란 남편

허영란 신랑

배우 허영란 결혼

허영란 화보

허영란 김래원

허영란 결혼

Heo Yeong-ran is downwind Obstetrics am huh known as a nurse in 1996 MBC Drama Youth "and" start appearing in the "downwind Obstetrics and Gynecology’ , "KAIST","Yain era ', "Seo Dong Yo ', And last 2012 MBC weekend drama "my son’ He tried to haetneundeyo appeared in numerous TV dramas recently appeared tteumhada'm a wedding announcement. ^^

Meanwhile, after the wedding I'm leaving sinhaeng trip to Hawaii ~

5Mr. Heo Yeong-ran in February and the bride groom cheer hasigil spare two minutes all happy.

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