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Lee Daeho escaped five consecutive walk-off home run

Lee Daeho escaped five consecutive walk-off home run

The Seattle Mariners' Lee Daeho team rescued five consecutive walk-off home run.

Lee Daeho was the 14th-hour rescue Korea's backing to extend 10-inning pinch-hitter in the open Texas Rangers home games at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington, USA pop a walk-off home run as if the film team in the mire of five consecutive.

이대호 끝내기홈런


Lee Daeho was in the 10th with two outs and first base situation extended to 2 against 2 on behalf of the Adam Lind played a pinch. Lee Daeho is a left-handed reliever neundeyo pyeolchyeot confrontation with Jake Dick distant, Texas.

Jake Dijk far to use a fast fastball flew into primary weapon is a high fastball toward you and Lee Daeho made a pass to the left fence to immediately end tureonpo attack them.




Walk-off home run was the decisive homer in five straight victories to rescue the second home team and season.

Lee Daeho is said haetneundeyo very glad we found lost five straight victories, saying more forward than now makes me go listen to confidence.

The service director Scott of Seattle while "I do not know what Lee Daeho hit the ball so high," Lee Daeho for a walk-off home run, "we really need to win," I was glad to escape for five consecutive homers Lee Daeho.


Walk-off home run of the day, Lee Daeho has become a rookie record for the oldest player ending home run ever since doeeotguyo the third walk-off home run of Seattle players again in 1950.

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