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Please bokmyeonga music colon Vote king Han Donggeun kkyeokgo 6 wins

In the last 10 days bokmyeonga king of battle four contender to challenge gawang seat unfolded.

The first stage is the day your king, the stage was it bokmyeonga vote Please vote bokmyeonga King and King Sancho bokmyeonga Man defeated the King Sancho bokmyeonga man entered the third round.

Bokmyeonga King Sancho far failed to get bokmyeonga Wang Lee Minwoo vote was just 19 years debuted aid idol mythology.


Kim Gura said haetneundeyo is also bokmyeonga if Mr. King Sancho after seeing the top of the key, Lee Minwoo Lee Minwoo Lee Minwoo is surprised that ryeotge keotna did not know said like that were more specific gravity than the dance songs from the mythical song is good panjeongdan was amazing.

복면가왕 산쵸맨

▲ Next bokmyeonga king of Shinhwa's Eric recommendations

Kim Seongju is the question Can someone who stoked me bokmyeonga King of the next Shinhwa Lee Minwoo said all surprised if, if it came to Eric.

Artists from panjeongdan had said this jojanghyeok like Lee Minwoo myth of the expected syori called the Mighty Mouse Releases, Son Hoyoung Kim Gura speculated as a god.




The second stage is bokmyeonga went up in the third round while champion and king of kings bokmyeonga bome neundeyo sorry confrontation pyeolchyeojyeot bokmyeonga Bohemian king wins 3 margin as a champion Wang bokmyeonga.

Bokmyeonga champion Wang took off the mask is yiyeotda ballad singer team.

▲ bokmyeonga and that the king Champion Team debut, 14-year singer gained a 30-part drama popular in Indonesia

In the meantime, while I'd like the team that appeared in the 30-part drama gained popularity in Indonesia

The team said he wanted to show the team that he literally off the mask.

The team was very disappointed to 3 margin Kim Hyeoncheol's team originally not look like that, saying said sokyeotdago yourself.



3The king bokmyeonga vote Please Bohemian king and bokmyeonga confrontation unfolded in the round.

The music selection was bokmyeonga Butterfly King of votes haseyoeun Ha Dong Kyun bokmyeonga Bohemian kings had Selecting the Vibe's sake.

▲ bokmyeonga Bohemian kings Asian jazz diva WoongSan



3Round won the vote bokmyeonga King. 61versus 38 Please bokmyeonga King haetneundeyo the vote won by an overwhelming score itja the results announced that liked ttwimyeo poljjak polppak.

Bokmyeonga King bokmyeonga Bohemian kings lost to Vote For All panjeongdan beotja yo masked jazz vocalist Woong San yiyeotneunde did not hit the sense of wonder.

WoongSan day while preparing for bokmyeonga King haetneundeyo saw going up the 100 songs WoongSan said that it appeared the decision in mind that I'd get a lot more interest in jazz through because once.

▲ bokmyeonga King Music colon and explosive vocals


복면가왕음악대장 6연승

Captain Wang bokmyeonga music was the music selection 'to a' of Seo Taiji and Boys.

▲ gimyewon bokmyeonga naturally went out to the king of music Captain Song.

Yiyeotda also gawang. As the week begins bokmyeonga King Music Catch Captain abandoned all at once captivated the audience Artists panjeongdan did shut your mouth.

Meanwhile, the day King gawang playoff bokmyeonga music colon launched an explosive vocals have won six in a row 21 87. The Saint said that the big festival is Kim Gura haeteuni six wins in return said that once the bread then this king of music bokmyeonga captain said he would try to talk again, Ltd..

▲ Shin Bora bokmyeonga King Music Captain marvel The gods created the vocal cords!!



Please vote bokmyeonga King lost to bokmyeonga haetneundeyo great king born Season 3 winner singer Han Donggeun yieotneundeyo day Han Donggeun said to have confessed fan Heo Solji yiyeotda Heo Solji This is a charming voice comes out when you sing. ". It has responded that women love. ".

Bokmyeonga Captain King Music 6 wins

good - 9.8
I do not like it - 0.6



Please bokmyeonga King Music colorectal vote defeating the 'Han Donggeun' has achieved six wins. 'To the' Seo Taiji and Boys in the audience panjeongdan overwhelmed by explosive vocals

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