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Nahonja live giraffe love Uhm Hyun-kyung reasons

Nahonja live Uhm Hyun-kyung is unveiled a special love for giraffes.

In the last eight days nahonja to live actors starring Uhm Hyun-kyung introduced a special affection and love for giraffes.

Uhm Hyun-kyung was introduced in the daily life of the broadcasting right holiday Uhm Hyun-kyung is gonna find a stuffed animal shop Uhm Hyun-kyung 's when I did, especially in the eyes giraffe doll.

나혼자산다 엄현경

엄현경 기린사랑



Uhm Hyun-kyung This huge giraffe doll real size haetneundeyo not conceal his surprise this store employees "also top four lots for Flirt" and "Not long ago, men minute letting looking for Flirt I gave also tied neatly with ribbon," he said.

엄현경 프로포즈


엄현경 결혼

Uhm Hyun-kyung is listening to employees and sparkling eyes, "That is my dream. Inde man of my dreams. Then right.For married, "he said.

Uhm Hyun-kyung if you would like to marry you, Mr. doegetneyo giraffe doll Flirt ㅎㅎ

엄현경 기린


김희선 프로포즈


엄현경 프로포즈

엄현경 기린마니아

Uhm Hyun-kyung is Saw "movies when I was a kid for a special love for giraffes Jang, In the film, Mr. Kim Huiseon loser from Consolation tied a ribbon on a life-size giraffe was the scene of a proposal, "said Uhm Hyun-kyung's" I'd like that got a Flirt. The idea that giraffes are examples like that ppeotna explained the reason to love the giraffes that were interested in the Giraffe after all. ".

나혼자산다 한채아


나혼자산다 전현무

This is haetneundeyo Jun Hyun-Moo said Mr. Uhm Hyun-kyung looks at this man's face Uhm Hyun-kyung has said it is unconditionally good saenggyeoya.

엄현경 남자

엄현경 오창석

엄현경 기린

Uhm Hyun-kyung Kim Young Chul heard the story of the "Well Oh Chang-seok said, no giraffes Shall I pick somebody in two if there is a giraffe," he eotneundeyo The water Uhm Hyun-kyung Oh Chang-seok, and choose the giraffe has made me laugh all that I will pardon.

엄현경 기린세수

엄현경 기린사랑

엄현경 기린매니아

The'm Uhm Hyun-kyung is that Bo was it the appearance of a real giraffe deokhu every morning to start the day haejumyeonseo giraffe tax.

Here is a snapshot of childhood, I have made the film a real giraffe deokhu Uhm Hyun-kyung

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