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Marriage and Goo Ahn Jaehyeon

As actress Goo Hye Sun are the news that the marriage and the defendant Ahn Jaehyeon from 8 am to marry a flower story of two people on the Internet and various SNS.

구혜선 안재현과 결혼

The plans come to take the place of the wedding Goo Ahn Jaehyeon said that the May 21 wedding is the wedding that I'd like to invite a small wedding with the latest trends and gyeonghon expression ambivalent parents giving greetings. Simply Goo Ahn Jaehyeon couple instead of a wedding is the wedding day as a meal to find a pediatric ward of the Sinchon Severance Hospital in Seoul that will donate a small wedding ceremony cost savings.

구혜선 안재현과 결혼 구혜선 안재현 결혼



Ceremonial cost contributions and I'd think of Goo Goo yiyeotda was also convey appreciation to the "good Ahn Jaehyeon gave to Mr. willingly agree to these my opinion," said Ahn Jaehyeon.




안재현과 결혼

The Goo Ahn Jaehyeon couple had while starring together in KBS 2TV drama wolhwa US 'Blood' development as a lover admitted devotees fact the 11th month.

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