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Jang Dong-Min Butterfly Birthday cake uncovered what is?

Jang Dong-Min Butterfly Birthday Cake uncovered

The Butterfly Lovers of Jang Dong-Min revealed the seopseopham to Jang Dong-Min.

Broadcast last six days 'Radio Star' has appeared a bow yusangmu Jang Dong-Min Ryu Seyun. Lioness day neundeyo stars like Jang Dong-Min ingeo butterflies featured gatdeogunyo that all topics are focused to Jang Dong-Min butterfly.

장동민나비 싸움

라디오스타 나비

Wednesday Ryu Seyun is haetneundeyo say loaned more than 200 million money Jang Dong-Min The butterfly is "the first time Jang Dong-Min was a multi-story light amount when we met," he "heard the first story amazingly long, but believe iteunikka and hard work," said a very trusted Jang Dong-Min hand feel and hear.


장동민나비 문자


Butterfly is the story of a fight with Jang Dong-Min haetneundeyo butterfly there is "come relax, loosen if the broadcast has not fought me and Jang Dong-Min. 5Was also seen during the day, "he said he was.

The Kim Gura said, "What the hell is the cause of the fight?"The Yun Jongsin asked that this" dont have personal information, "he said. Butterfly is the story went on, saying, "There are private information.".

나비 생일

라디오스타 장동민


Butterfly said the wrong thing to admit to cool said something wrong in the first fight and Jang Dong-Min haetneundeyo recognized it as a story mothaetneunde met each other for the 5th character emotions got the price.



Yet butterfly Let's say that "I was yesterday's birthday," Kim Gukjin is haetneundeyo say "'d met." The butterflies are haetneundeyo said, "I never met life did not open wave, not even a small cake" Then Kim Gura said, "So alone I cried while off candle "he asked butterfly" as with my family, "he said.

This is Kim Gura said to "sing like a butterfly, even a little inde Mr. Kim Heungguk" aroused laughter.

That'm Kim Heungguk and butterflies live in the same apartment ㅎㅎ




The butterflies are met for more than one year for Jang Dong-Min came pouring down inside the eopeotdamyeo nothing last year's birthday.

I'd have a busy schedule I did not have to fight And Jang Dong-Min is haetneundeyo said the day was not doing the other day, this butterfly is saying "cake anhaet janah" struck a light in the eye at the time. But he had so oksingaksin butterfly Jang Dong-Min to this affair - What do not fight neundeyo played "eyelash away" La server handles away eyebrows.




The yusangmu has made me laugh all that "women jeoreotdeora".




The Kim Gura said, "We need this sort of thing before gukjin type" This was said beoreok Kim Gukjin was saying, "This is really a shame not to bogetne" beoreok.

Let's say Kim Gura is called "the release age 50 and mother '80" Yun Jongsin gave a big laugh Say "the woman in the face land touches hands Language and mean 15 years stumbled onto" he said. "It's always his own hands.".

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