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1Innings 3K Oh Seung-hwan de striking stone fastball led

1Innings 3K Oh Seung-hwan de striking stone fastball led.

MLB Oh Seung-hwan is followed up on the mound in the second innings the past four days to achieve a 3k.

Oh Seung-hwan had pitched in the 6th US Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pirates before PCN held in St. Louis Park, the third pitcher of the team.

6Oh Seung-hwan of the times the end of May for five plays in the situation led to a barrage of interjections can not dazzle the eyes.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Team stone fastball Oh Seung-hwan of the haetneundeyo to leave the mound helplessly

Oh Seung-hwan has played a great game, all three players to throw 13 balls to catch a ride strikeout.

The first ride of Oh Seung-hwan striking opponent Jordy Mercer Oh Seung-hwan was it was 150Km per hour processing a swinging strikeout Jordy Mercer threw a fastball.

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오승환 스트라이크


A second batter Matt Joyce Oh Seung-hwan will do if treated with a striking stone fastball of 151km went to third batters John J. bovine haebeo three ball striking treatment.

Oh Seung-hwan in the day, the game is recorded but the ride is struck while extended in the 11th jeoksita Pittsburgh Jordy Mercer was defeated in the June 5.

But in the day game, Oh Seung-hwan was a wonderful stage to properly engraved the names of attendees Oh Seung-hwan to fans and fellow players.

Oh Seung-hwan ▲ Grasp the three players in a row striking down the mound



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Meanwhile, the local media after the game, Oh Seung-hwan St. Louis Post-Dispatch "The team had lost, St. Louis was the ballpoint pen is light, "he said," the Cardinals' bullpen for five consecutive innings parties from 6th to 10th were treated beomtoe, Striking out nine or struck. Oh Seung-hwan is three, Kevin signature list, Trevor Rosenthal is 2, Jonathan Brock and Seth Stern Mei Ness caught by one strikeout showed a response of "expectations for Oh Seung-hwan is expected to go even bigger.

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