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Sugarman tuya diva Kim Jihye girl group pop culture heyday aid

90s music scene in Korea is called the Renaissance music.

'I'm a singer', Summoned the songs of the past and the older singers, etc. immortal genius "as a modern place of making a new communication.

The retro is creating a new culture appeal of the younger generation, not a moment goes tipped phenomenon these past two flows have lived the era of commercial times.

1990What's even born when ten young men not to search the data of the time hanging humming the '90s with the music doing psychology in the media in the Retro program planning. While broadcasting is creating a new box office.

It is also true that a large part haneundedo bridge the gap between generations in music.

90s music of our country has a substantial connection with politics. While some people in the music 'cause what political fact' 90s before 80s music is not an exaggeration to say that the dark ages of the popular culture.

19876.10 in the democratic movement and 6.29 Declaration by the President jikseonje there was a big change happened in popular culture, and lower it to the censorship system, which weigh just a pop culture film disappeared.

As censorship of popular culture disappear 90s music is the era of coexistence of music of various genres.

Deuce and a representative of the '90s hip-hop, Cool dance to music, Lula, NeXT, resurrection, Rock represented by Kim Jongseo, Shin Seunghun, Lee Seunghwan, Kim Dongryul ballad, Kim Geonmo, Bakmigyeong and it can not fall Tae Jin-ah, Song Dae-kwan, Seolundo, The trot of hyeoncheol.

He received the attention to the public in such a variety of music if there was censorship of popular culture was an impossible one.

And 'Seo Taiji and Boys' called the so-called 'cultural President, representative of the' 90s has created a new culture.


100 million at the time did not have the digital music market, 200Copies of their posters is erected as a remarkable record that exceeded sales, Fashion and was also to create a new market economy.

But in the late 90s, early 2000s pop music supremacy is SM. YG, JYP, etc. went over to the large agency. This time analog music market will disappear emergence of digital sound.

The production from one agency in the first generation idol to emerge once again as massive popular song was over, while South Korea's entry into the world market started to create a flexible peak and cold.

Girl group tuya also a group that debuted in 2001 as a group made this time.

Tuya is a three-member group composed of the main vocal Kim Jihye Kim Hyeon-ji anjingyeong and was working as a young actor.

Tuya is a single album in Japan in 2000, 11 days before its debut in Korea 'Are You ..?It announced the Look '' and released the first album in Korea since 2001, was active in Japan for four months, and has a domestic debut. Title song 'Hey' and the subsequent song 'is' as announced succeeded in obtaining the popularity of tuya in the second house announced preparation showed a tuya possibilities when they won the Rookie Singer at the Seoul Music Destination 2001 affiliated company "back project" while Bhutto treated as financial difficulties were dismantled in 2003. Since anjingyeong had his debut as a solo artist after Baby Books jungyimyeo recently worked as an actor member tuya ryueunju Kim Jihye is not a marriage, and broadcast appearances.

Also Diva debuted around the same time as tuya announced and debuted the first album title song 'Yeah' and '12 January husokgok of Drama in 1997.

At the time the diva Chae Ri-na, Vicki, He began to make a trio composed by Genie Group is a leading sales of the first album released album Diva(27Million)The recorded.

2House 'Why call "the domestic as well as the success I started to gain popularity overseas was a member demineralized genie green card issue after a two-house activities, but said not having residency issue withdrawal to the next team feud.

If after the withdrawal of the Genie Wonder he was joined again with three zeros, but human activity has three Chae Ri-na When the album was finished to leave the team to participate in re-formed Lula and Ginny again will return to the Diva.

Since July 2004, Inc. and affiliated contract has expired and reasons youngest team Lee Mingyeong want to solo will leave the Diva. After Vicky for having provided nine and preparing the house has been imported en masse to participate in the exercise of the Armed Forces based broadcast ended September album is not being released diva was disbanded Provisional.

Meanwhile, the Sugarman broadcast last 5 days appeared to aid you once gained great popularity with the group tuya diva to tell the story of the time became one with the music back to the public.

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