Seolhyun ideal Song Joong-gi 'I think I love'

Seolhyun ideal Song Joong-gi 'I think I love'

AOA Seolhyun said one piece single-core love of the Song Joong-gi.

Setting mentioned Prefecture ideal Song Joong-gi broadcast the last three days Running Man Cast. Gary has been a day to meet the mission wishes to 4.13 neundeyo elections ambassador met Seolhyun Ask wishes to Seolhyun "Take me to the set," said the petition said.

설현 이상형



Seolhyun and Gary had a question: "What style do you like" To move to the set of Seolhyun This is Seolhyun "I should like a dongle, dongle style," he said, "Song Joong-gi is the ideal seniors ... I liked him before, "he confessed.

런닝맨 개리






The end of the story Seolhyun was just as Lee is an amazing phone has been said Gary let's say, "stand stringed met" Mineral Water "The'm met with the installation prefecture" as surprised eyes. Gary alrija the fact that the strings are ideal settings for Song Joong-gi of mineral water mineral water is extremely troubling haetneundeyo

런닝맨 이광수

광수 송중기

설현 개리

The Gary "mineral water should mind aside," he said mineral water is "I can fall told strings installed all the secrets of the mid-term haejugo forward," he told naetneundeyo self laughter is the story of the photoreceptor Gary "stand stringed all the secrets of the mid-term the dust is saying I love you already know even the secret "put an end.

설현 송중기


The story of Gary Seolhyun is said to be "Oh, yes I think so," aroused laughter.

Song Joong-gi really captivated every woman's Republic of Korea is now up to Seolhyun TT. TT

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