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24 years motda pin flower short track Roh Jingyu osteosarcoma

Roh Jingyu and 24-year-old short-track world of farewell battled osteosarcoma

It conveyed the sad news. Last Korea signs a man short track star Roh Jingyu 2010, died did not win the illness of suffering from osteosarcoma.

Sister of Roh Jingyu and women speed skating national spirit flying bridge over the 4 days of SNS AM Roh Jingyu "there, he had left a good place at 3 pm August," he told the unfortunate news.


Roh Jingyu last two September 2013 would put the time tumors Roh Jingyu was the meantime mirwotgo tumor surgery for the Olympics increased to twice the initial 6Cm found a malignant tumor in osteosarcoma tumors from the inside.

Since Roh Jingyu as is the state after militant haetneundeyo start battling with chemotherapy haeteotneundeyo interviews would like to participate in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and 2022 Beijing Olympics, but was recently re-condition worsened finally left the past three days 8pm world.

쇼트트랙 노진규


Roh Jingyu last while occupy the win with an overwhelming amount at the World Championships 2010 Junior 2010-2011 season, joined the adult national team since the middle excluded from the national team to the Vancouver Olympics after Ace Lee Jeongsu and Gwak Yungi discipline in 2010 Roh Jingyu three World Cup Congress 1000m gold medal, 4Congress three gold medals, 5While the Congress won two gold medals were emerging as the new standard short-track star in Korea.



2011And 2012 was ranked second followed by Gwak Yungi at the world championships proved truly the Republic of Korea as the best short-track athlete athletic award target for 2012.




Meanwhile, Roh Jingyu 2 neundeyo set a world record of last March 19, 2011 Super 3000m final 4 minutes 31 seconds 891 And was the same year on December 10 1500m 2 minutes of recording time of 9 seconds 041.

Roh Jingyu world record is recorded is beyond the players still beomjeop to remain impregnable record.

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