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Oh Seung-hwan

Oh Seung-hwan major league debut straight scoreless anyway ~

Oh Seung-hwan had started feeling good cheotchulbal a scoreless major league opener and debut.

Oh Seung-hwan said South Korea recorded the last time in the last four days innings and two walks and two strikeouts mupi muanta in Pittsburgh rich and major league season opener held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Oh Seung-hwan day, climbed the mound in the seventh inning situation in which falling behind 0 to 3.


Oh Seung-hwan is matchwotneunde breathing and leading the major leagues catcher yadi Toulon Hyeres molrida yadi molrida John is a veteran catcher played in 12 consecutive years, major league opener.


Oh Seung-hwan's first performance was called a tension because what is ball control ryeotneundeyo rocking Major League first ball of the cutter Oh Seung-hwan of 150Km per hour in the first confrontation with opponents, but Joyce Mac out of two hundred and two behind the catcher was poktu.



3Oh Seung-hwan threw consecutive view that seemed a bit nervous as it was put on the striped zone of 146km fastball in four, but eventually gets on base and not have to walk in the Joyce Paul Count.

For only the second time threw the ball to first pitch to Joe Jaso scored, putting its first outs while inducing a grounder to second base 2 gujjae.

In the third showdown between opponents every keocheon Andrew, but to induce the swinging of 145km Cutter 1 after four eventually walked on base sikyeotgo 1, 2Hand to hold their first fanned David Friis at the base situation.




While the Starling Marte and after this fight went to a full count induce swinging ranked the second in strikeouts.

Oh Seung-hwan is it deonjyeotneun a total of 27 goals in his debut Wednesday makes catch 15 balls and 12 strikes.



Meanwhile, Oh Seung-hwan who served as the best closer in the so-called 'Captain end plate, while in South Korea has a contract with the St. Louis 11 + 1, about 13.25 billion won, Hanwha May last entered the major leagues.

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